WordPress and Google Analytics Equals More Customers
WordPress and Google Analytics Equals More Customers

WordPress and Google Analytics Equals More Customers

WordPress and Google Analytics Equals More Customers – Unless You’ve been living under a rock somewhere You sure have heard the term “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) at least a few thousand times.

While increasing Your search engine overall and have Your site optimized to maximize the amount of traffic, is clearly important, the traffic is not everything. Yes, that’s what I say and I’ll say it again for those who are Not sure they heard me say it: Increase Website Traffic through engine Optimization isn’t everything!

The other side of that solution and of equal importance with the conversion rate of your website. The rate of conversion of the website You no more than a luxurious way to say the percentage of visitors (web site traffic) who make a purchase; the list for newspapers; download or whatever Your call to action.

Let’s face it, if You have thousands of people visiting Your site on a day-to-day with right none of them make a purchase, sign up for Your newspaper or whatever Your call to action might be, does it really matter that You have all that traffic?

To find out whether Your website really produce the results You find to yourself a few questions:

*How about the conversion rate of traffic to your site?

*Do You have a statistics website traffic to measure the effectiveness of traffic your website?

*What is the increase in your business as a direct result of the increase in website traffic?

  • What return on Your investment (ROI) of the business promotion of Your site?

If you don’t have the answer to that question, you’re not alone. Despite the importance of the conversion of a web site, I found that it is one of the most understood measurement between the owner of a small business.

In short I speak with business owners and network marketers who think getting your website will increase benefit their bottom lines, but ultimately disappointed with the lack of results.

One of the first places I recommend starting to understand the traffic Your website, Your conversion rate and overall performance of Your website is Google Analytics.

Read Olso :

Google Analytics is a free service that Google offers to its customers to allow them to track, monitor and measure with great accuracy with regard to the traffic, conversion and view the page in Your web site. In short, Google Analytics tells You everything You want to know about how Your visitors found You and how they interact with Your site.

With Google Analytics, You’re more prepared to write the target ad which is better, strengthen your marketing initiatives and create website conversion is high.

Other important information that you can get is the advantage of Your keywords in the search engine and different online campaigns. How about being able to identify from where the customer online best of your coming and of who the target audience is the most favorable for the contents of your special?

In fact, Google Analytics allows You to track all of the marketing initiatives You. Measuring the effectiveness of Your ads, email newsletters, affiliate campaigns, referrail, paid links, search engines, and keywords, allowing You to be able to improve the performance of all Your marketing.

The best thing is that with the Website WordPress Design and simple plugin is very easy to add Google Analytics to Your website. Where a lot of small business owners now have to call their web designer to create a simple addition such as Google Analytics to their website, with WordPress based website You just avoid that challenge.

After You create your account, to make Google Analytics work You just need to put a snippet special of the code that Google provided for you in the add-on analysis words for Your website.

One of my favorite features of Google Analytics is the identification page of the critical bottlenecks in which You tend to lose most of Your online customers. Funnel visualization, showing bottom in the conversion process and inspection that are often caused by factors puzzling or confusing such content or navigation.

Once identified, You can remove the content of the problem and/or make the navigation less confusing and begins to “funnel” the visitor through the steps that you want them to take.

In addition, Google Analytics comes a large number of reports that have been determined to help You with the analysis of the data traffic of Your website.

Whether You’re already an advertisement with Google? You can sign in to Google Analytics and start using this tool from the beginning.

Google Analytics automatically import all of your keyword data from Your AdWords account. This way You can see the ROI and other key metrics for each keyword that you bought on AdWords, without additional settings.

My guess is that now You begin to understand the importance of combining Google Analytics with the website WordPressy You. When I bring this to a close I will leave You with some great advantage to combine Google Analytics with WordPress Website:

No cost. Note that the free version is limited to 5 million page view per month. However, users with an active Google AdWords Account given tracking page unlimited.

  • Map of the great visual, statistical, reporting and great use of the design principle of information effectively. Navigate the data are the strong points.
  • Ease of use: Google Analytics is easy to use for marketers beginner, yet provides all the capabilities of an experienced professional analytics expects the web.
  • Password integration . If You have an AdWords account, You can use Google Analytics directly from the interface of Said ad.

The benefits for using Google Analytics is much longer than some of the benefits I have listed above, but I think You get the picture.

Now You have a clear understanding of how to start measuring the effectiveness of Your website I think it’s time we turn our attention to website conversion traffic. In my article next I’ll dive more into the challenge of converting Your website traffic into prospects, leads and or new customers.

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