Google Ads To Be More Relevant And Straight To The Point
Google Ads To Be More Relevant And Straight To The Point

Google Ads To Be More Relevant And Straight To The Point

Google Ads To Be More Relevant And Straight To The Point – Search engine giant, Google, declared their intention to put more ads on the SERP (search engine result pages to search engines) for a candid conversation between a group of computer enthusiasts, including professional and topshot Matt who participated in the discussion “the News Media Hacker”, as a response from Jittybit, simply called, “% Search”.

Matt Cutts defended the decision, relevant ads are usually more useful than the search results. He back it up with Examples Search Results “mobile phone without the cable ATT” where is advertising the pay is proved more useful than the website top ranking.

He also pointed out that there are “tons of search,” where Google does not show ads. I’m really verify the last claim his own. I searched on Google with my name, which I shared with a prominent poets. Based on my hopes, Google does not tell me where I can buy books online books. No ads!

On the other hand, Alex Yumashev, the Author of the article behind this excitement, shows how Google has reduced screen real estate to organic search results from 53% to 18% surprise.

In other words, only 1/5 page that displays the search results and a remaining display other information such as the Knowledge Graph, search Plus Your world, Gmail results and of course the paid ads. More paid ads means that the search results are lower in serbia. Many website administrators and computer professionals who already find it alarming.

There are two points to note. Mr Yumashev admitted that he used the example of Serbia which has a density of ad is high. Tn. Cutts on the other hand stressed that Google is very concerned to put the ad with how smooth and uncomplicated and Google also ensure ads that are relevant and have the destination page which is good. When we combine these points together the accusations against Google is rather quiet.

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SEO company is getting ready to change the plan in a different way. Because Google will display more ads means more ads placed for the prom and there are more opportunities than ever to click on the ad. Thus, along with raising a site in the organic search results using SEO techniques traditionally, the company may have to spend more money to get the results section sponsored by Serbia.

Will is a mess on a rush of Google which is already very cluttered please users by being useful like most Google products, or will they move to Bing frantically trying to get a larger piece of the pie market search engine? Only time can tell and we, in search of the eccentric, patiently waiting.

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