Get Your Blog in Google and Yahoo News
Get Your Blog in Google and Yahoo News

Get Your Blog in Google and Yahoo News

Get Your Blog in Google and Yahoo News – Maximize the amount of traffic to your website is the main purpose of the expert bloggers anywhere. Two of the best organization online that will help You achieve that is Google News and Yahoo News; millions of readers all over the world come to this site every day.

The exposure and credibility of the site that gives Your blog will put You in the big leagues. And, if You sign up on one site, You will be able to receive a mass exposure.

Before You can enter the URL of your blog to Google and Yahoo News, however, You need to register on their site. There is no cost to register but You need to know how to both sites work.

Google News

Google News

Search for in Google, in many news websites and compile them to create a single source of news single coincidence. Certain factors dictate how often news stories that appear. Google’s use of the only news publishers online to find out which articles of 4,500 news sources that are most relevant.

There is no human involved in the editorial process. Google News breaks down the subject into the top news and eight the following categories: News of the word, National News, Business, Science and Technology, Entertainment News, Health News, and news stories are the most popular.

There are several points which should be kept in mind.

  • RSS / Atom feeds and news stories of the single is not accepted by Google News at this time.
  • When submitting Your URL is no question that You should answer first. Then, Google News will see Your blog and decide if it is suitable for their website. Once accepted, they will tell You if they need more information from you; however, there is no guarantee that Your blog will be put into their website.
  • If You want to get more hints and tips direct from the source, go to Google News-Help Topics.

Yahoo News

  • Yahoo also get a lot of traffic like Google News; they are both very similar in terms of how they produce content. They are also using automation is not a man to receive news articles. However, the story hot news found on the main web page, while other can be searched through the news Yahoo.
  • As far as making your blog is accepted, the first thing that should be done a blogger is to answer a few questions, followed by telling Yahoo why Your blog should be registered in the site news to them.
  • If Yahoo like what they see in Your blog, and decided to list it on the site news to them, You will be contacted.

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Guidelines To Get your Blog approved

When trying to get Your content listed in Google and Yahoo news, remember that the competition is tough and the rejection rate is high. But, keep these tips is mind will give You a little edge to build a great reputation.

  • Your content should be a positive one type, and it is very important to keep Your blog seo-friendly with related keywords.
  • Be aware that You must have at least one blogger additional work with You, or Your blog will not be registered. You can find bloggers guest or collaborate with colleagues and work together in the long term. Quick response time from the server is key. Web Crawler partial to the blog that can be indexed and loaded quickly.

After receiving Your blog, Google News suggested adding the sitemap. It can be easily handled by registering on Google Webmaster Tools, then go to the sitemap is located in the tools. Sitemaps are very effective in promoting traffic and help spiders crawl your blog.

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