The importance of Medical Coding for Insurance

The importance of Medical Coding for insurance

With health and disease is becoming a major issue today in the whole world, it has become much more important to have more coders involved in the field of medical insurance. But what is medical coding? A maker of medical codes, the officer koder clinical or diagnostic is a professional involved in the health sector that analyzes the document and using the classification system which is proper, set the standard to them. They provide a guide to medical coding and advice to help organize ways doctors, nurses, and other medical staff provide care to their patients. There are three main types of medical coding:

1) ICD (International Classification of Diseases): this is the code that is used to describe the causes of disease, injury, or death.

2) CPT (terminology procedural current: deal with the anesthesia, surgery, pathology, radiology, measurement procedures, and the changes of new technology in the medical field.

3) HCPCPCS Public Health System Code of Procedure): this includes the care of the hospital outpatient, medical aid, and Medicare.

Let’s look at some of the point of why coding is required for the medical field.

When coding is paired with the system data of the Hospital, a powerful tool created. By doing so, large amounts of data from various hospitals, clinics, and other sources is stored, accessed, and used from one big system of online data. This implementation helps to remove patient data from the hospital to other hospitals for medical purposes. This information helps the doctor to be more connected and make wise decisions, especially in cases involving life and death situation of the patient.


Coding is needed for the replacement, including submitting medical claims to insurance companies and bills between insurers and patients. The Transfer of information for the purposes of the statute requires medical records, medical needs of the patient, laboratory results, records of the pathology (if any), and other related documents. Payment may occur only when the diagnostics are required to be placed, which also means To verify if a medical claim is denied by the insurance company.


Medical billing and code fails under the rules and guidelines of many countries and states. Coders in this field are also responsible for protecting the privacy of patients and their families. They should take protection to keep the details secret about the patient and the background of her in a safe place. Electronic medical records fall under the international classification of diseases (ICD-10) code issued by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Analysis of the coding medical is at the forefront in the analysis of health data. They work in many types of health care settings and is not always in the hospital and clinic. The invaluable service they are very functional for research and development in the medical field.

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